Outdoor Classes

At LINK, we refuse to describe Parkour as an extreme sport. We believe that Parkour is a fitness discipline that EVERYONE can enjoy.

We all share a common childhood dream of being able to move like a ninja. We've all played wildly in neighbourhoods as children, we jump, we run, we climb. WE PLAY! WE HAVE FUN! The true nature of being human is revealed, this is the most natural way of training. However, as we grow older, this type of fun and the passion for play sometimes fades away.

Now you have us! What we do is lead you through a scientific and exciting training of Parkour. We help you to develop a better understanding of yourself, and to explore the greater potential in you. To enhance the LINK between your body, mind and soul.

So don't stay lost, and come out with us! Play with us, train with us, let us help you to find that long lost fun and passion!

Every Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm, we organize outdoor Parkour/Freerunning classes. This class is mainly focused on Parkour movement techniques, flow, as well as conditioning and stretching. Location of the outdoor classes is different each week and a notice will be sent out to students every Saturday.

- Classes last 90--120 min

¥100 per person per class

¥800 per person per 10 classes

*First trial class free

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