LINK Parkour provides world class Parkour, Free Running, acrobatic, tricking and stunt services. Our athlete's skills and experiences in coaching, performance, choreography and management can be fit for any form of event or project. As co-founded by some of the earliest Parkour athletes in China, LINK Parkour can ensure full professional service from creative conceptualization all the way to project execution and post-production. Our services can cover all forms of media and marketing including print ads, TVC, live shows, events, flash mobs, motion capture, TV shows, feature films, and the like.

        From car brands to entertainment brands, sports products to high-end products, we've had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest brands worldwide. Our past and ongoing experiences in print ads, TVC, live shows, events, flash mobs, motion capture, TV show, feature films, and more are just a testament to our professionalism and constant goal to provide top quality services for your projects.

        Stage shows and live events are becoming ever more popular in promoting one's brand. As one of the most experienced live event performance and management team in China, LINK Parkour can ensure top quality management and performance including creative focus, stage design, wardrobe, music, choreography, performance, and more. Whether performing live in front of ten's of thousands in the Beijing Bird's Nest or on TV in front of millions for the Shanghai Media Group's New Years Countdown Event on the Bund, LINK Parkour's team can ensure that the last thing you worry about during your project is the management and quality of the performances.

        New and creative spectacular stunts in film and television are becoming ever more popular. That brings a need in productions for professionals who understand the movements, camera angles, and safety from the ground up. LINK Parkour has been involved in acting and stunts for many film related projects including feature films, television shows, and short films. From Jackie Chan to Jason Mamoa, our team has had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest names in the industry.

        LINK Parkour has been involved in filming, stunt coordination, and performing for numerous television commercials and print advertisements. From flying wired in the air for Sony cameras to stunt doubling celebrities, LINK Parkour’s athletes have a broad range of skills that can be catered to any advertising need. We can bring movement to your brands!

        LINK Parkour devotes itself to the safe and responsible growth of Parkour and Freerunning. We understand that Parkour students and athletes, and our classes and workshops are what drive the heart and future of the community. Our mission is to service the development of the community and enable access for the general public through our indoor classes, outdoor classes, and partnered events with organizations and schools.

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        Parkour at its core is a self-taught outdoor discipline, and while we should never lose sight of that, there comes with it a responsibility to ensure the safety of oneself and others. As such, LINK Parkour works hard to facilitate access to safe training locations under the guidance of experienced coaches. We pride ourselves on maintaining a positive, supportive and safe environment throughout all our training related activities.

LINK Parkour currently provides classes for outdoor Parkour and Freerunning, indoor Parkour and Freerunning, Ninja Warrior, and Kids Movement Development:



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